How to Create Affiliate Link Redirects and Track How Many Times They Are Clicked

Knowing which affiliate link redirects are search engine friendly, how to create them, and when to use them, can make or break your internet marketing campaigns.

There are a number of reasons you may have been told to use affiliate link cloaking or redirects for affiliate links, some are realistic while others are “facts” spread by internet marketers trying to create demand for their products.

Easy Affiliate Link Redirects cuts through the BS and explains:

The difference between affiliate link cloaking and affiliate link redirection.
Why affiliate link cloaking can land internet marketers in trouble.
Why affiliate link redirection is absolutely necessary for successful internet marketing.
What commission theft is really all about and how it affects internet marketers.
How to quickly create affiliate link redirects.
Which method of affiliate link redirection is the best to use and why.
How to easily track affiliate link redirects.

When it comes to tracking affiliate link redirects, nothing beats a dedicated link tracking script. Creating new redirects is a simple task, and each click is tracked making it easy to refine marketing campaigns.

Easy Click Tracker Lite is a new link tracking script which enables users to easily track three different types of advertising campaigns:

   1) Banner / HTML links

   2) Email text links

   3) Optin forms and sales pages


It does so by collecting the following data:

How many times a link has been displayed (both unique and total displays)
How many times a link has been clicked (both unique and total displays)
How many page displays, or link clicks leads to a conversion (useful for tracking sales pages and discovering how views of the sales page leads to a sale).

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